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Diploma, master paper and bachelor paper – student graduation paper, the final and most important of the independent papers prepared by the student. A diploma is an independent study of a specific topic, including an analysis of literature and other sources on the topic being studied, conclusions based on an analysis of theoretical sources, practical consideration of the object of study, analysis of the current situation, identification of the problem and its solution in the project part of the paper with a proposal of its own methods, methods representing novelty. The diploma paper contains a table of contents, an introduction with a rationale for the purpose, subject, object and relevance of the topic, a theoretical part with a review of the literature or a statement of theoretical approaches to the problem, a practical part, a design research part, a conclusion, a list of references and applications.

Diploma paper is an author’s development and involves theoretical development, analysis of experimental, literary and other sources, the preparation of the necessary documentation. Writing diploma papers to order is carried out in accordance with the rules and requirements of a particular university. Diplomas from research paper writing service are performed in a variety of areas and disciplines. To write a diploma paper, a number of general standards and requirements are used; however, each of the disciplines has its own unique features.

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